Support Gay Georgian's right to safe locations, free from harassment and violence.

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I could not attend the LGBTQ safety rally on Monday, August 20, 2018 at the Atlanta City Council meeting because of its early 1pm start time. Please accept this petition that I support my Gay Georgia (GAGA) community in maintaining our safe locations free from harassment and violence against us. We wish that discrimination and “gay bashing” didn’t exist but violence against our community is still very high. The City of Atlanta council members need to support maintaining safe locations for our community.

 "Tokyo Valentino” at Cheshire Bridge Rd is being shut down by your administration. This non-alcoholic location has existed since 1998, offering the LGBTQ community a safe place to celebrate its diversity. We cannot afford to lose another established gay landmark as many of our locations are now permanently closed including "Backstreets", and "The Jungle". While many of us are openly gay, some of our more private community members only feel comfortable in LGBTQ establishments. Gay majority locations allow us the community protection that keeps us safe. Gay tourism is important for the City of Atlanta and our population should be respected. It cannot exist without entertainment venues like this.

 GAGA’s mission is to maintain safe locations for the LGBTQ community free from persecution and violence. We also believe that LGBTQ cultural and entertainment locations are important in maintaining the identity of gay Georgians.

 Gay Georgia, Inc. (GAGA) is a state-registered political action committee (non-candidate committee) in the State of Georgia [DEN-US_Active.FID18045106]