Ban Horse Carriages on Atlanta Streets

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In early July on the streets of Atlanta, a distressed carriage horse tried to bolt several times so the driver tied him to a lamp post with a rope less than 12 inches long.  This poor horse was very stressed and breathing hard. This frightened and extremely stressed horse should not be carrying passengers in downtown Atlanta.  Passengers are trusting their safety and the safety of their children with drivers who obviously know very little about horses. Perhaps they assume if Atlanta permits horse drawn carriages, it must be safe but it isn't - there is no overseer or regulator.  

These dangerous conditions are inherent to the use of horse-drawn carriages in an urban environment. They cannot be corrected with regulation because it’s impossible to reshape the landscape of our city to suit horses. No amount of regulation can protect the public from the danger of horses bolting when they become frightened. They thrive in a quieter, more spacious, rural environment - they were never meant to be on city streets.

I know that Atlanta and metro Atlanta residents care a lot about animals, and I’m urging the City Council and the Mayor to take action to end the use of horse-drawn carriages on our busy city streets. Please sign my petition if you agree.

If you'd like to reach out to the Atlanta City Council members, the link below will show their contact information.