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We should have archery as a sport in school, shouldn't we?

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Are you one of those students who doesn’t like to play any sports? Or one of those kids that can’t focus at all in class? Or maybe the children who just lose all of their confidence in physical education class. Well, say no more to that, because I have an (almost) easy solution for that, and that’s an archery program at school. The equipment might be expensive, but it will be worth the improvement. Archery is beneficial for middle schoolers in many ways

My first supporting detail is that school improves focus, grades, and behavior in class. According to the National Archery in the Schools Program [NASP], “The year before an archery program started at a Kentucky school, a student there collected 55 demerits. The next year, that number dropped to three.” Imagine what it could do with a student who already can focus in class! Also, behavior and focus help us learn in class. Archery helps you focus and behave. Then we can learn more and become smarter and have a great future.

School should have an archery program because it also gives all kids who don’t participate in organized sports confidence since it is easier.  One Physical Education teacher who taught archery said, “You could be standing next to the most athletic person in your class and have a chance to be successful.” And you have to remember that confidence is key to success. Without confidence, you’re pretty much giving up at the beginning. Without confidence, you’re pretty much giving up at the beginning. And if you’re not confident, it’s likely that you’ll just be sad.

I would know how to support the fact that archery program is that archery is so much fun because I do archery at home. According to NASP, “A survey of students age 14 and above who completed the course showed that 59 percent are interested in continuing target archery, 38 percent are interested in pursuing archery hunting and 89 percent enjoyed the archery class.” That’s logic you can’t argue with. ““It's a very important recruiting tool,”” one man said. ““You can't generally get 89 percent of students to agree that they like cheeseburgers.”” Trust me when I say, you haven’t had fun until you’ve done archery. And we all want to have fun if it’s not too dangerous.

I know some people might be like, ‘Oh, it’s too dangerous. My kids could get shot by accident or something.’ But a study by NASP actually proves that more people get injured doing golf than archery. The worst that can happen is that the string scrapes your arm, but that’s really rare, and 94 percent of the accidents are just when people prick their fingers on the arrows when nocking them. This archery program at school would be a really good idea. Behavioral issues could be improved, confidence could be boosted, and kids could have fun doing all of it. I hope you take my word into consideration before you dismiss the idea of archery at school. It may be expensive (to be honest it is actually really expensive.) and I guess maybe a little dangerous, but it is all worth the improvement. Think about it.


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