Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta - Employee Parking

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'Tis the season at the Outlet Shoppes at Atlanta mall in Woodstock, Georgia! As stores and employees prepare to make the most of holiday hours and increased foot traffic, hardworking employees who are looking to make a living for themselves and their families are having to face difficult and unnecessary obstacles that interfere.

What's going on? Corporate offices and upper management of stores are requiring employees to get to work 1-2 hours early to set up their stores and fill the sales floor with product so that shoppers can shop quickly and easily.

What's the problem? The problem is parking...Mall management and security completely close off the entire mall parking lot until business hours of the mall open up. They are requesting that employees park down the road near the nearest church in a gravel lot. A shuttle service for employees is offered to run from the lot to the mall, however, the shuttle is often stuck in "gridlock" or running inconsistently. Due to the unreliable nature of the shuttle service the mall has told employees to walk from the lot to the mall. So now, employees are having to walk from the gravel lot down the road all the way up to the mall. Employees are having to walk in 20 degree to 30 degree weather in the early morning, throughout the day, or late at night to get to their cars. This is unsafe-- young girls and women are walking with their purses down the road late at night to get to their car, older workers are having to walk up and down the hills, employees with medical disabilities such as asthma, etc. are having to walk in this weather, and managers who have to meet certain hours are having schedules impacted. Violators who park near the mall risk towing, fining, and ticketing.

The solution? It is completely understandable that customers need spots to park, however, hardworking employees also need a place to park to make it happen. A compromise needs to happen-- the parking lot should be accessible at extended hours to employees as long as we park behind the blue line (the blue line is a designated employee parking area). A compromise where more shuttles run more often is acceptable, however, something needs to change to help hard working employees.


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