Atlanta City Council: Recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day

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Columbus Day has been a federal holiday in the United States for almost eighty years.  Every year, on the second Monday of October, our country comes together to celebrate a brutal invader who "discovered" a continent on which millions of people already lived.  Although the contact that he established between Europe and the Americas was vital, Christopher Columbus and his men inflicted an unimaginable amount of harm on the people whose land they appropriated.  His crew raped, murdered, and enslaved thousands of indigenous people.  This petition is meant to put pressure on the Atlanta City Council to recognize Indigenous Peoples' Day as a holiday in Atlanta annually on the second Monday in October, the day that has come to be known as Columbus Day.  If successful, Atlanta would join such cities as Denver, Los Angles, and Asheville in honoring and celebrating the people who originally inhabited and took care of the land that we call home, as well as their descendants who, to this day, make tremendous contributions to our society in spite of the discrimination that they continue to face.