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ACMF Choir Rank

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Hello, My comrades from the ACMF nation. Today I will write a petition for the ACMF Choir to be in.

We will sing many songs such as: 'Katyusha' 'Upright And Equal Spirit' 'Kalinka'

We will perform this music to keep our brothers in high spirits. God bless the ACMF army.

Skele if you're reading this. This is not a meme thanks.

[Lore] During the war against NATO. The Russian government passed down a act. To form a 'Choir' to unite our cultures together and support morale to our ACMF soldiers. The act was signed by many countries some like North Korea did not sign it. Seeing it as a waste of time.

(Lore many change depending if the petition gets more signs.)

[Rank weapons] The soldiers still retain the same weaponry as of they're original rank. Making the ACMF choir a sub-rank.

[IC-Purpose] To create a bigger culture through-out the ACMF army. And to improve morale.

[OOC-Purpose] Give us another thing to do when not raiding in the ACMF roleplays.

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