Petition for an ASHS Batch 2020 Graduation to Be Conducted After the Coronavirus Outbreak

Petition for an ASHS Batch 2020 Graduation to Be Conducted After the Coronavirus Outbreak

July 3, 2020
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It has been announced that the graduation and commencement ceremony of Ateneo Senior High School Batch 2020 will be held online. EDIT: While there has been no official announcement regarding the cancellation of a physical graduation, we would like to ensure that it still pushes through at some time in the future.

This petition does not seek to prevent the "virtual graduation," but rather aim to convince the Ateneo Senior High School to conduct a physical and traditional graduation for our batch in the future. While we understand that our current situation means that we cannot hold one in the present, we would like to request that Ateneo does not completely call off any plans for the event. 

Batch 2020 has had a rollercoaster ride through High School. For many of its AJHS students, this meant transferring buildings and adjusting to new schedules. It was also one of the first few batches to be tested in the relatively new Senior High School system, learning the ropes along the way. Batch 2020 students have also accomplished numerous feats; some have represented the country in competition, while others have used their organizations and committees to host events (such as TedTalks, JBEC, and fundraiser) and seminars for the Ateneo community and beyond. It seems only fitting that the struggles and accomplishments of this batch are concluded by long awaited march down to their proud family and friends.

As students, the feeling of marching during graduation serves as the culmination and conclusion of our Senior High School experience. As the ultimate goal of each student, it has become a large part of the High School culture and is something that we can all look back to. Graduating and moving up from High School is a once in a lifetime experience - one that should be memorable and significant. It fills the entire school community - family, students, and faculty - with a sense of accomplishment, pride, and success. For many of us, this will be the last time we see our batchmates as we prepare to enter a new chapter of our lives.

Any plans for a future graduation ceremony will have to be carefully planned. To begin with, this can only be held when government restrictions allow mass gatherings, and when there is an available cure for the coronavirus. Even then, social distancing and medical precautions (such as logging guests, temperature checks, masks, etc.) may still need to be taken. In light of this, several compromises can be made, such as limiting guests to only two per student, and the like. Students and parents may volunteer to help the admin in making this event possible.

Both parents and students of ASHS Batch 2020 may sign this petition!

If you have any suggestions or concerns regarding this plan, feel free to send them through this google form:

We will be writing a letter to the Ateneo Senior High School administration 7 days after this petition is posted, and we will be including your concerns and plans towards this endeavor. 

We are indeed living in extraordinary times, but this shouldn’t mean that we must forgo one of the traditions and milestones that we have been working for our entire life. All of us - the students, parents, and faculty - can work together and coordinate to turn this graduation into a reality. 

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