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Allowing Mini Pigs in the City Zones

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So I have been thinking for awhile about the little Mini Pigs or Teacup sized pigs that you'll see on the internet.  They grow no bigger than 12-18 inches in height (no taller than an English Bulldog or a Cocker Spaniel) and they can reach up to 50-150 lbs (keeping in mind there are dog breeds weighing in over that said amount).  It depends on how big their parents and grandparents are. I personally do not see a problem as to why the little Mini/Micro/Teacup pigs can't be allowed in the city limits other than rooting.  I feel as long as their owner has a permit, a leash law, a large enough kennel for either indoors or outdoors or a pin, or fenced in area to prevent them from rooting around and destroying property that doesn't belong to their owner, it should be no problem at all whatsoever.  Atchison has allowed chicken in the city with certain rules, regulations, and of course with a permit so I thought "why couldn't they allow the Mini Pigs?"

Pigs in general are very intelligent and clean.  Mini Pigs require little to no mud at all, they just need a little kiddy pool with some water in the summer (they dont need it all the time either) or a bath tub depending on their size.  They can be medical service pigs if they are trained for that kind of thing.  They can teach kids responsibility if they are in the school systems.  They are very remarkable animals whether if they are a Mini Pig or not.  

I think the Mini Pigs should be allowed to be raised like a domestic dog or cat anywhere in the city zones for those with a permit with the leash laws applying or an alternate plan to prevent rooting from destoying someone else's property or coty property by.  You do not want to discourage rooting completely, but if you give them a specific area to root around without them getting into trouble whether its a pin full of dirt or river rock to a kennel area with lots of blankets or toys, that will be allowing them their ability to root without causing an actual problem.  I will also add, no matter where you are at or what animal people have, there are responsible owners and irresponsible.  Since so many irresponsible owners either allow them to become obese (which is abuse towards them and highly irresponsible) or abandon them, not just anyone should have them (hints why i said with a permit).  I know there will be others with concerns about them besides the rooting such as them smelling (which can be contolled with kiln-dried wood chips for their litter since kitty litter is actually not good for them)  and i will provide you with 2 links to give you more information about this animal.  I am making this petition to show that I am not the only person who would be willing to support this idea. 

My ideas for permit qualifications if this petition becomes a success are based around a person's knowledge of pigs in general, how much research they have done on Mini Pigs specifically, a way to prove they are a responsible person to own this animal, and if they have not been charged for animal abuse or cruelty. 


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