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Name Ajay Fry one of the first contestants on “Million Dollar Pong.”

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Canadian television host, Twitch Streamer and avid gamer Ajay Fry has expressed the desire to be one of the first contestants on recently announced TV game show “Million Dollar Pong.”  This is a simple request from a gaming lover that could prove mutually beneficial for all parties, and I hope to signal boost that request to help make it happen.

At present "Million Dollar Pong" is a game show without a network.  Even as the host of a well promoted channel (, Ajay maintains a regular presence in the gaming community, and would no doubt promote an appearance to his several hundred strong Twitch audience.  Add in Ajay's social media presence and that number increases dramatically. After all, who wouldn't be telling everyone they know that they'll be competing on a game show tailor made to their interests and expertise?

As a journalist and host of a daily entertainment news show, this is a beneficial opportunity for both Ajay and "Million Dollar Pong."  Often "Behind the Scenes" videos made by game show contestants can be of the "how to beat the house" variety.  Essentially portraying the show in a more negative light.  How often is such a segment presented in a more "I had a great time during my appearance!  Let me show you the fun I had backstage" format by a journalist who truly loves the content being chronicled.  While the possibility of certain legalties needing to be taken care of first is, of course, a possibility, recruiting a contestant like Ajay could only be of benefit to all parties involved.

In fact, there is one final, very simple benefit to this idea.  "Million Dollar Pong" is a show that is still in its very early stages.  It doesn't have a host.  Whether it be for the main show or a Canadian version, is there anything that makes more sense than a host of a video game based game show who is both an avid gamer and has years of experience in front of a camera?

So please, make Mr Fry's dreams of Digital Wimbledon happen because, quite simply put, bringing Ajay Fry to the attention of the producers of "Million Dollar Pong" is an idea that embodies the best of gaming: Everybody wins.  

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