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Unlock OUR Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Bootloader!

AT&T, in choosing to intentionally lock the boot loader on this device, as well as others, is essentially denying us the ability to use OUR devices the way we need to, and prefer to. The success of Android, and one of the primary reasons it has overtaken all other mobile device operating systems is that it is FLEXIBLE. It's very raison d' etre is to be CUSTOMIZABLE - and it is the reason that the DEVELOPMENT COMUNITY has embraced it, and contributed to it in immeasurable ways. Any doubt that this SIGNIFICANT group has added so much to Android's success can be resolved by simply searching the internet for the  fixes, creations, new abilities, and improvements to performance, ease of use, style and VERSATILITY of many, many devices from Mobile Hardware companies such as Samsung, HTC, Motorola, etc. 

The current inability of ONLY the AT&T and Verizon versions Galaxy Note 2 to accept custom firmware is already dissuading some from buying this phone, and even causing others to consider returning devices that they have recently bought. Many of these people are turning to the T-Mobile version, which, incidentally works on YOUR NETWORK. Wouldn't AT&T prefer to have these people on AT&T devices? 


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    John Donovan
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    John T. Stankey

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