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Petition opposing installation and call to relocate AT&T cell tower at 4631 Alla Road, Marina Del Rey, Ca, 90292.

We strongly object to the cell tower installation at 4631 Alla Road and request its immediate relocation to a more suitable place.  We are the residents, community members, business owners and people who love Marina Del Rey.  We have been subjected to AT&T's nondisclosure and secrecy long enough.  LA City Council has failed to protect us!

Our opposition is based on the following:

1) DECREASED PROPERTY VALUES:  The unsightliness of this installation will have a negative impact on property values.  The perceived threat alone would lower property values.  The US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines categorize cell towers with "hazards and nuisances".  Studies have shown that proximity to a cell tower can reduce property values from 5-20%.

2) MENACE TO PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY:  There are health risks associated with exposure to wireless emissions.  Data regarding the FCC's deemed safety of these towers is incomplete and out of date.  Sufficient time has not passed to determine long term effects, and current studies show evidence of biological damage, brain damage, dementia, hindered learning, infertility, hormonal imbalances, genetic mutations, cancer, weakened immune system function, depression, extreme fatigue, memory loss, headaches, sleep disorders, skin problems, hearing loss and cardiovascular problems  Even in small levels, this radiation has shown to be carcinogenic to humans.  For many years, scientists have urged the adoption of more protective exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields (EMF) and wireless technology in the face of increasing evidence of risk.  If it's not deemed safe near schools and parks, it is not safe in close proximity to living quarters of the public in the vicinity.

3) DESTROYS IDYLLIC SCENERY AND VIEWS:  This community is desirable for its beauty and picturesque topography.  We purchased homes here for that reason.  This monstrous cell tower is hideous and extremely unattractive.  It directly obstructs views from many residences.  It ruins the visual aesthetic of the Alla Road neighborhood, near Glen Alla Park.  Its presence destroys the ambiance and atmosphere, and negatively impacts our ability to enjoy and use our neighborhood.

PROPOSED SOLUTION:  There are many areas with open industrial space within two blocks.  Some suggestions for relocation are:

  • South of Glen Alla Park where there is a business 
  • On Mindanao Way, between Glencoe Ave. and the 90 freeway 
  • Surrounding the 90 freeway to the east 
  • At the rear of the tennis courts behind Glen Alla Park 

We are willing to offer suggestions and be proactive at working out solutions together, but not at the risk of our rights, health, happiness, and futures.

We, the undersigned, request that AT&T listen to us, respect our needs and immediately act upon them.  Our community should not be sacrificed for AT&T's business growth and prosperity.                                                         


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