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Stop charging for Data plans that are not being used

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AT&T has forced my son to get a Data Plan for 30 USD per month even though I don't want him to use the data plan as a parent. My son earlier had a regular go-phone and then had another Nokia phone that had access for email, text and web surfing. He lost both the phones and hence I gave him an old Iphone which was out of contract with AT&T. He had it for a few months and now suddenly AT&T is charging him for data usage which he has not used at all. When I called AT&T support, they said that we can buy a Go-phone again and they will not charge for the Data plan. Come on. Which kid in the world will want to take a Go-phone after using an Iphone as well as a decent Nokia phone. Basically AT&T should not be charging for a data plan whether it is a smartphone or not. It is like saying if you buy a HDTV, then you have to get a HD subscription from Comcast, whether you like it or not. OR If you get into a plane, you have to buy a business class ticket. This is plain ridiculous and it is cheating on the part of AT&T.

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