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Allow anyone with any device on their network have unlimited data the way it used to be, at $30 a month for unlimited, unthrottled, fast data.

I think that AT&T should allow users who weren't grandfathered into an unlimited data, have a chance to purchase a unthrottled, $30 a month, and unlimited deal for any device on their network. I believe that if they are gonna allow users who previously had unlimited data, that they should allow new customers to purchase the plan. I think it is absurd to pay $50 a month for 5GB of data, while other people, even other numbers on my account can only pay $30 any use as much data as they want. You can make a difference by signing this petition convincing AT&T to allow $30 unlimited data for all their customers no matter what device they have.

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  • AT&T Not Allowing Anyone Who Wasn't Grandfathered In For Unlimited Data

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