Hazard Pay for AT&T "Essential Workers"

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AT&T Front Line employees have been deemed "essential" by both the company and the Government. These employees are responsible for installing and repairing internet and TV services , assisting the public with Cell Phone needs in retail stores and answering calls to order services in our call center.  All of these employees face a number of health hazards and dangers in order to keep the public's communication needs active during the pandemic. 

AT&T initially provided additional  compensation during the Pandemic but they are ending the payments this week even though the danger of the virus is still present at all work locations for all job titles. 

The employees at AT&T understand the need for the public to be able to have high speed internet services to keep businesses and schools running and have been up for the challenge. We are sacrificing our safety for the greater good and absolutely should be compensated for the additional risks that we are facing. 

Please sign this Petition to convince AT&T to properly compensate the employees while we service the public while risking our health to do so.