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AT&T promotes itself as a Work Life Balance employer; except when it comes to the Work Life Balance of Premise Technicians in the Southwest Region in CWA District 6!

Premise Technicians in the Southwest are working their 4th straight 6 Day Work Week with a 5th in the works next week. When will the families of Premise Techncians get their part of the so called balanced work life at AT&T? 

As Premise Technicians at AT&T, we all value our customers and will do our utmost to provide services for them, we work to serve our community. However, it becomes increasingly difficult to put our customers first on a daily basis when we have only one day a week to spend with our families and to recoup our strength! 

Premise Technicians deserve the right to see their families more than 1 day a week, especially when management gets to go home to their families 2 days a week? END THE 6 DAY WORK WEEK