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Hundreds of thousands of AT&T customers have an “unlimited” data plan for their iPhones. When AT&T customers bought phones and plans years ago, they signed up for unlimited data to use those phones to check email, surf the web, download apps, and everything else one can do with a smart phone.

But now AT&T is limiting data on unlimited plans. It’s affecting me directly because I’m in a long-distance relationship (my boyfriend lives more than 6 hours away), and we used our iPhones to communicate with each other -- now AT&T is stopping us from seeing one another.

My boyfriend got a text message from AT&T a couple weeks ago saying that he was using too much data on his unlimited plan, and AT&T would be cutting his access to data. That means that the primary way we communicated -- by using the Skype app to call and see each other on our phones, when we can’t see each other in person -- is impossible to use. AT&T’s decision to limit the unlimited data plans was affecting our relationship in a profoundly negative way.

AT&T is failing to honor its commitment to its customers who signed up for unlimited data plans. It’s not right to limit an “unlimited” plan. I’m asking AT&T to stop restricting unlimited data plans and provide the service for which we signed up.

Letter to
AT&T Mobility President & CEO Ralph de la Vega
AT&T National Broadcast Media Steven Schwadron
AT&T Blogger Relations Seth Bloom
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AT&T CEO Randall L. Stephenson
I just signed the following petition addressed to: AT&T.


AT&T customers are paying for unlimited data plans -- not LIMITED unlimited data plans. According to the Associated Press, AT&T customers with unlimited data plans are receiving text messages that they’re using too much of their unlimited data, and AT&T is severely limiting their ability to use data on their phones.

In many cases, according to customers, people who use as little as 2 gigabytes of data were having their data plans throttled, when AT&T sells as much as 5 gigabytes to customers. It’s hard for those customers to imagine that their usage is negatively affecting AT&T’s network when AT&T offers as much as twice the amount they’re using.

AT&T should acknowledge that customers paying for unlimited data deserve to have that data be truly unlimited -- the company should stop throttling data and leave those customers alone.