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AT&T Cell Phone Service in La Grange, Texas area

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AT&T has ignored the cell reception problem in La Grange, Texas and surrounding area for the past 18 months. Customers, on a daily basis, can't use basic, promised functions like: place a call; receive a call; be heard on the phone; hear the other person on the phone; send texts; receive texts; use LTE/4g. Consumer have to go outside to place calls or even drive to the edge of town for reception.

Though consumers have called AT&T repeatedly for the past 18 months, they've constantly been told "it will be fixed soon." Meanwhile, AT&T is reluctant to issue any refunds. AT&T is not providing stated service, not fixing the problem, and not providing adequate customer service.

A personal story: as a pastor and counselor, I actually had to drive to the edge of town to TALK TO A FRIEND WHO WAS SUICIDAL. "Hang on. Let me jump in my car and drive for five minutes before I can talk to you." Indeed, this issue matters in many ways.

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