Johno's Lifetime Buskers Permit

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We the undersigned, demand that  and Craig Phelps, prosecuting officers with the Cairns Regional Council, rescind any demands they have made of Ian Johnson, (Johno).

Furthermore and not with standing, in view of the fact that Johno has devoted decades to entertaining the true locals of Cairns, as well as thousands of tourists, we demand that  and Craig Phelps  start the process of awarding Johno a LIFE TIME BUSKERS PERMIT.

Due to Johno being loved and sought out by thousands of people, we demand Johno not be asked by Craig Phelps or any other council official to apologise for being his much loved self.

Finally we request that any correspondence from Craig Phelps  or other council officers, regarding this matter be added to the display celebrating Johno’s story, in the Cairns Museum for future generations to peruse.