Stop Asylum Industries Unlimited from scamming more guests

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A Witchcraft and Wizardry event planned for over a year was advertised so Harry Potter fans of all ages could participate in a magical and fun event. Tickets were purchased, vendors and fun and meals and classes were advertised online, yet when the fairgrounds opened they were nearly empty of vendors and fun and all things promised the organizers ignored complaints. Facebook reviews were written, photos were shared to prevent others from getting scammed into buying expensive tickets. The group in charge removed the comments and reviews, they dodged phone calls and emails and refused to refund money. They falsely advertised an event with fun and prizes and did not deliver. They have refused communication with patrons who want refunds, and have only offered tickets to next years event. We want to spread the word that this is not acceptable and prevent further patrons from getting scammed at these functions. This was advertised as a charitable event, to raise money for worthy causes, to have a fantastic time, and to have a chance as great prizes. Sadly none of that happened. Please sign your name to support this cause and show Asylum Industries Unlimited their actions are not acceptable.