ASUS provide fixes and support for RoG GL-laptop!

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On behalf of GL*04** owners community i kindly ask to take a very close look on information below, and provide support for ASUS consumers with your products.

Firstly, please understand that we are LOYAL CONSUMERS of ASUS RoG brand. 
We're not offensive, but we act with integrity and ask to eventually solve problems with cooling system of GL series book under which they struggle from GL*02 generation. We did a lot of test, executed thousands of experiments and successfully obtained and diagnosed the issues with your products.

I ask you to provide following fixes in further BIOS update:
1. FIX fan curve to eliminate any possible stuttering lags and freezes, fans are not correctly synchronized with temps - so they "delay" while adjusting to current temps. Due limited possibilities of adjustments that can be made in BIOS - we are not able solve this problem by ourselfs.
2. Adjust temperature thresholds: GPU and CPU to eliminate possible BiDirectional throttling triggering (BDPROCHOT).
3. Solve problem with Nahimic service, loss of sound. It's creepy, sick problem!
4. Come to your official RoG Forum, and join dialogue: we are eager to help you make your products better.

Following non-critical updates:

(!) Picture distorted picture while external monitor connected in "Monitor Only Mode"

Followed below by OPTIONAL items that can be implemented:
(!) Unlock manual fan control in RoG game center, which is used on baseline of "Overboost" mode to eliminate any possible risk of overheating. IMHO THERMALS MUST BE over noise.
(!) Unlock XMP profiles options to make users able to use different RAM modules.
Hardcode undervolts for CPU and Cache voltages and GPU; - they GREATLY increase thermals and performance, but not solving fan issue, stuttering and lags - because fan curve is badly adjusted for all possible performance mods of GL-series.

ASUS you're making brilliant products! But user, client, consumer values are ruined by this problems. Lack of communication and deaf ear to your community making situation even worse. I kindly ask to help us, people who spend their hard-earned money to enjoy your great products.

Thank you, we wish you very best.

I kindly ask EVERY OWNER of GL*04 series owners to sign this letter, and draw ASUS officials attention to this situation. 

Please reply, share, promote by any possible meant this message. This is only way to receive solution for problems and make ASUS products better.