No more closed rgb ecosystems!

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Today, people have to be really careful what rgb products you buy, because if you buy one wrong thing, the rgb on that thing will be out of sync with the others because it uses a separate ecosystem. This is not how it should be, obviously, and this petition wants to change that. Especially for the isolated ecosystems like NZXT, who don't let you control their lights with anything other than their software. 

I want all the big corporations that make rgb to collaborate and make one unified standard for rgb communications. This doesn't mean there has to be one app or one interface for everyone, but it's a common base for everyone, so no matter what lights you use, and no matter what software you use, it just works. This way manufacturers can make their own software, and own controllers, and the only thing they have to do to make it work, is add some code in the common base code for the controller if it's not already there, and their rgb program can just send simple commands to the base code.

You can look at it this way, you download whatever program you want, it speaks with the base code that's developed by all the companies making rgb, and then the base code knows how to actually interface with the rgb, whether that's a ram stick from corsair, or a water cooler from NZXT. The rgb program only has to set which lights are connected, unless the base code does that automatically, then the program simply sends an rgb value with an address for which light the command is for. 

I know this sounds complicated, but it's really not, it's just that the corporations have to set their differences aside or something and collaborate. The way I see it, there is no downside to this for anyone, except the corporations have to actually do something, but if they all collaborate, on a common base code, there will be more time for everyone to make their programs better, instead of ranging from barely functioning to not great.