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Astro's European concert

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Astro is a Korean band consisting of six members: Jinjin, MJ, Cha Eunwoo, Moonbin, Rocky and Sanha. Astro debuted on February 23rd 2016 under Fantagio Entertainment.

Since then Astro's fandom became more and more important, this doesn't except Europeans. Everyone is truly happy for their new albums and concerts, but they've only been to Malaysia, Indonesia and the USA. Doesn't this make you even a little bit sad?! We European fans, don't have the opportunity to see them perform live unless we don't travel to Korea or any country in Asia in which they are having an event.

That's why I ask you for help touching the hearts of Astro, to Fantagio company, to make them think something out and to see Europe as a potential place for a future tour. I am sure every one of you sees how serious this is and how precious is every single vote, so help me out to realize this wish of ours. Help everyone who love them and who want to see them in the reality even once.

Let's make this DREAM come true!

- An Aroha -

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