Assistance with life-extending cancer drug for my mom before it's too late

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Almost 5 years ago, my mom, Norma Lewis, was diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer and was expected to only live for several months. Despite the diagnosis, she has remained incredibly positive and with the help of her medical team has maintained a great quality of life, spending time with her 4 sisters, her grandchildren and acting as a source of inspiration for everyone around her. She continues to reach out to others affected with this disease to offer them hope. 

Unfortunately, her cancer has outsmarted her existing treatment (Tarceva) and has developed the t790m mutation. The good news is, there is a drug Tagrisso that targets these mutated cells. The bad news is that it's over $8,000/month and since it is not listed on our provincial formulary, the drug company is unable to offer assistance and she is unable to access the catastrophic drug plan through our government.  

Please help us get their attention so that we can help get my mom (and hopefully others facing the same issue) the help she needs!

"Tagrisso was first FDA approved in 2015 in patients whose disease has progressed following therapy with Iressa and other EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors, because of a single amino acid mutation known as T790M that blocks their action and tends to arise by chance after prolonged treatment.

But midway through last year regulators in the US and Europe approved the drug as a first-line treatment, following progression-free survival (PFS) results from FLAURA.

FLAURA showed that in patients treated with Tagrisso, median PFS was 18.9 months, compared with 10.2 months in a group of patients treated with standard care.

This has helped to boost sales considerably and it is now AZ’s top-selling drug, bringing in revenues of more than $1.4 billion in the first half of the year, up 86% from last year’s first half."