Aston University Year 2/3 Exams Online

Aston University Year 2/3 Exams Online

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Started by Jane Doe

Dear Aston University,

We understand that you have come to the conclusion to move only the Foundation Year and Year 1 exams online. Unfortunately, Covid-19 does not have an age restriction and people of all ages are able to contract it. Other Universities have taken the initiative to move their exams online, for the safety of the students and faculty. Clearly, our original petition has raised enough awareness to move some of the exams online, so we are now pleading that you take that same initiative and move the Year 2, Year 3 and postgraduate students exams online. 

Recently, the cases of the new and highly contagious Omicron virus have surged and there are already measures being put in place by The Government i.e. face coverings in stores and working from home if possible. You should be applying the same pressure to students: exams at home where possible; and clearly, as shown from the response to the previous petition, it is possible. Our safety should be the first priority. So why doesn't it feel that way? We have to worry about walking into a cramped exam hall with people not wearing masks and others unvaccinated, then going home to our loved ones (some of whom are already sick or vulnerable) and possibly passing the virus on to them. We not only have to worry about our safety, but also those close to us. Many students have tested positive for Covid-19, meaning they may not be able to attend their exams which would result in an automatic deferral even though they have already prepared for the upcoming exams! I cannot begin to imagine the unfair disadvantage they must feel. 

Aston is an excellent and reputable University, which is why so many of us are disappointed and concerned that you have chosen to put our exams ahead of our safety. In order for us to feel like we are truly being heard, we need action taken on Year 2, Year 3 and postgraduate students. 

Thank you for taking the time for reading this and hopefully our voices are heard. We urge you to act upon this. 

Yours Sincerely,
Year 2, Year 3 and postgraduate students.

361 have signed. Let’s get to 500!