Aston Martin Need To Make a Manual Transmission Version of the DB11

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Aston Martin has a definitive brand, especially through the iconic DB line, of British Engineering and Design, sophistication, power, comfort, and performance. Part of the driving experience, that is present in all truly classic cars, is of course, the manual transmission.

Over recent years, car manufacturers have increasingly been leading towards Automatic transmissions, to make the ride smoother, easier and in the case of performance cars, enable faster, reliable shifting. Similarly, double-clutch systems with "paddle" shifters have also become more common with many brands, to give the driver control of the gears, as well as the option for the car to shift like an automatic.

However, many car enthusiasts, myself included, believe part of the full driving experience is to engage with the car, to feel the power run through each gear as you accelerate, and to have with your left foot and hand, total control of the engine speed, wheel torque, when you change gear, and which gear you need. To have maximum drive-train efficiency and power delivery, as you work *with* the car, and feel the Engineering at work.

There is a type of person who buys an Aston Martin. They aren't looking for something to purely show off and be as easy to drive as possible. They don't want a loud Lamborghini or any other high-end car. They are those who want to immerse themselves in the drive as they wind through the empty A-roads on a Sunday afternoon, to support and be part of a national motoring heritage that has lasted over a century, and to feel (just a little bit) like they're in a Bond movie!

All this was recognised by the company, stating that they intend to be the last manufacturer of a manual sports car, and that a manual version of the DB11 would be available (with the V8 AMG engine). There has however been no sign, and many enthusiasts now are looking at similar cars from competitors for this experience.

Aston Martin developed a fantastic V12 engine in-house, and this edition DB11 is a 100% thoroughbred British sports car, representing modern technology and style, with the classic Aston Martin values, except, that it is still only available in Automatic. Be a part of this movement, and let it be known, that what is being sacrificed here is not just ergonomics and efficiency, but part of the brand, part of the history, the experience, and part of what makes that car, an Aston Martin.