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"Assumption of Risk Law" is a one sided law that protects Venue Owners. Texas Legislation needs to change one of the oldest laws in Texas.

Being an armywife is learning to support your spouse when they are called to duty, being a volunteered as a FRG Leader (Family Readiness Group)in his unit was my way to better understand how the army way of life.  I started as the FRG Leader and planning events do bake sales every drill, picked up supplies, toys, planned Christmas parties, etc.  Always attending training when asked looked for other volunteers to help with organizing events. This one event I helped planned 9-7-2009 Minute Maid Park Houston Astros donated 250 ticket to honor 72ndfor upcoming deployment. Soldiers would be allowed to march onto the field at a pre-game ceremony. The families of these honored soldiers where all to sit in a designated sections. I was holding a baby of single soldiers, when I was hit in the face. The Houston Astros organization where kind enough to send me a ball in a box with a no return address. These types of accident can happen at any moment. Your life will always be changed. The person you once where will and can be gone forever. The life style, financial obligations, and family life can change due to any accident. "The Assumptions of Risk Law" in my case it is called the "baseball rule" is one that most major entrainment venue hides behind in order not to have to pay the spectator or fans in case of injury. They believe that a patron, spectator, fans should knowing know that you will be injured if you go to their place of entertainment. Even if they have signs or they are voicing it over a loud speaker that you can be injured. What they fail to remember is that you are also distracted when you enter their place/venue trying to buy food, talking with friends, looking around trying to find your sections, going to get autographs if being offered that day. You could also be watching your children, takeing them to children areas, and going to the venue store to buy sports gear. Checking in the stroller, buying food, beer, popcorn, ice cream for the kids, many things can keep you distracted at a venue. On a given moment your life is changed from what you know to the unknown. With all that the venue owners hide behind this one sided blanket of protect "assumptions of risk law", and again I ask what about the fans/spectators. I was not given a chance at a trial by jury or judge.  At least criminals are given court dates and trials by jury. 


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Texas State Senator Leticia Van Du Putte
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Mayor of Houston Annise D. Parker
As you can see I am petitioning for the "Baseball Rule" or "Assumption of Risk Law" to be change or abolished. The fans/spectators become injured and their life's are changed but the venue owners have a rights to hide behind a tickets stub. What about the fans? It has become apparent that if a venue will be built, knowing they are bring the fans closer to the danger then their needs to be some level of responsibility on the venue owner other than just a "baseball rule" or "assumption of risk law" that they can stand behind. The spectators/fans don't have rights to protect them when injured. The level of playing field is uneven here, it seem more the laws protects the venue owner than the spectator who pays the money.

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