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Sell bow-ties (with Assumption branding) for the boys to wear as part of the uniform

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Boys at Assumption want to look good and presentable. It's one of the only reasons that we wear our school ties in the Summer, even though they're optional: because it looks good. There are a couple of problems with these ties though:

  • They are annoying and difficult to get to the perfect length (Where the thin end and the large end are the same length).
  • If a tie is not the perfect length, the thin or thick end of the tie can hang underneath the jumper or blazer, which doesn't look good.
  • A lot of boys have resorted to tucking the thin end of their tie into their shirts because it's too difficult to tie them properly, which not only looks bad, but feels incredibly uncomfortable.
  • To avoid the ties from flapping about in the wind when playing sports at recess or lunch, it has been a trend to buy tie clips to keep them down. This is a waste of students' money and can be seen as a uniform violation. 
  • Ties are very easy to accidentally rip since they can catch onto objects, and students can accidentally rip them when messing around or playing sports. 
  • Ties can often look bad because of how much they can vary when tying them. Tiny knots, large knots or loose knots can all look incredibly unprofessional.

For these reasons, I am proposing the idea of including Assumption-branded bow-ties into the school uniform. These would work a lot better than ties for the following reasons:

  • They stay out of the students' way, and never flap about in the wind while playing sports
  • They can't catch onto objects or easily be ripped by another student
  • It would be a point of difference about our school. Bow-ties look a lot more mature than ties, and it would make Assumption stand out from the rest of the schools and their uniforms. 
  • Bow-ties look incredibly good. They look sharp, mature, and still fit the idea of wearing a uniform to look proper

From the people that I have spoken to about this idea, they have ALL said that they prefer the idea of bow-ties to ties. They have all said that the bow-ties would look much better than the ties, while still retaining the Assumption standard of uniform. 

I have even learnt how to tie my regular school tie into a bow-tie to see how it would look, and it looks absolutely stunning. Against the blue or the white shirt, it still looks great against standard Assumption uniform. 

Giving the students the option to wear bow-ties will not only fix the issues that the current ties have, but improve the students' overall look and create a unique point of difference for our school. Please consider this option towards the boys uniform, and consider how it may include the quality of life of the students, as well as the schools public presentation.

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