Campaigns of sterelization massive and compliance with the animal abuse law

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They will summon Rescuers, Associations, Foundations, Owner of the pets to demand that the law against animal abuse is fulfilled

22.07.2019 First trial against animal mistreatment name is Campeón/Champion

We want the municipalities now that the electiones for mayores are coming, comply with the law. They have to give support and etablished a budget for animal welfare. I don't know if they want. It is that they are under to the obligation to make massive campaigns of sterelizations. 

A Welfare office must be created in each municipality, they are only 3 or 4 welfare office that doing

Definitly you have to regulate the possession of animals this situation is a true dog disaster literally being able to home

Yes, this situation is real and it is in costa rica, this is a femal dog, they have it living like this, in those sad conditions, tied up. She is with skin problems and to the end she is pregmant. 

Lady di passe between carelessness and human negligence. Who has a house

He suffered Kamau, a puppy that apparently lined up with some tape so he won't bark and that's why now he can't open it

The drop that spilled the glass for the defender of the animals

Each Associations has no facilities, no hospital, no veterinarians, no hotel. In case they are 1 or 2 volunteers

We show the World in hipocritical way wich is obviously not correct, you have to order the house. A real political will is indispensable 

Petition break the chains

If this situation is real and it is in Costa Rica. These are the living conditions of thousands and thousands of animals in our country for lack of clear regulations, the law and the respective conscience

A country, a civilization can be judged by the way animals are treated. Ghandi