APFA National President, Lori Bassani must resign immediately!

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The APFA National President, Lori Bassani has failed the membership of 28,000+ Flight Attendants at American Airlines; by delivering unfulfilled oaths & promises. In addition to failed Presidential Grievances, stagnant contract negotiations, poor leadership skills, apparent mismanagement of  finances (membership dues) and APFA’s annual budget. 

Bassani, has proven on numerous occasions that she is inept as National President, unkempt in nature & obviously disheveled in her role of authority as a national officer. 

The National President also is continually involved in interpersonal disputes with APFA Members and other APFA National and Base Officers. Recently, Lori inappropriately handled a dispute with another National Officer at the Euless Texas Office (HQ), by calling the police and fostering a narrative that may not have been completely true or completely accurate; which had escalated resulting in a display of explicit bias. 

It is time for Lori Bassani to step down and resign from her position; effective IMMEDIATELY — pending a full investigation by the Board of Directors and transparency of those findings be provided to the membership for review & a vote.