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Global Warming and Anthropogenic Climate Change - a Bandwagon on Thin Ice!

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The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia has recently published in its bimonthly publication, "Innovation", a reiteration of its position on anthropogenic climate change, that "there is strong evidence that human activities, in particular activities that emit greenhouse gases, are contributing to global climate change". It recently conducted a survey of its members on the issue of climate change, which presupposed that all members agree with the above statement, and it is proposing "guidelines" to mitigate this impact.

We, the undersigned, strongly oppose the mandatory inclusion of any Climate Impact Analysis (CIA) in future professional reports by APEGBC members. The issue of climate change is so charged with contradictions, half-truths and hyperbole that any scientific basis is essentially invalidated. This is particularly evident to geoscientists, who have a greater appreciation than the general public of the huge, well documented historical and pre-historical climatic variations on our planet.  Most geologists are simply not convinced that anthropogenic climate Armageddon is just around the corner. The “gap” between actual ambient temperatures and those predicted by the scientific models widens with every passing year. It’s time we agreed that the science is not settled.

Mandatory CIAs will serve only to increase red tape, project delays and costs, and will slow down or even kill otherwise beneficial projects, while having negligible impact on the environment. As it is, all major projects must already submit to evaluation and approval by Environment Canada; thus further regulation by the Association appears superfluous.

We request that APEGBC put the issue to a vote by members and, if rejected by a majority, inclusion of CIAs in engineering reports remains a matter of individual discretion.

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