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Recognize UK Masters Degrees in India

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I feel deceived. A UK postgraduate degree, for which thousands of Indian students aspire for every year, is not recognized in India as a PG degree and candidates holding such degrees are not allowed to apply for PhD and government jobs in India. So, students who invest large amounts of money and rigorous efforts into their study with a dream of securing a good position in the society, find themselves helpless after returning to India, where their hard earned degree is given no respect in the government sector.

The Association of Indian Universities (AIU), a government-aided body, responsible for granting academic equivalence of degrees/diplomas doesn’t accord equivalence to UK Masters program. Master Degree programs which are less than 2 years in duration of foreign universities have not been accorded equivalence by AIU and since all UK masters programs are of 1 year duration, one year of UK Masters, for all academic purposes, is a worthless degree in India.

UK stands at the second position in the world for comprising of the most universities listed in the world's top 100 universities. It has some of the most prestigious institutions in the whole world. And India does not recognize the education offered by these institutions. All other countries, including US and Australia, recognize and appreciate the UK education system and have no restrictions for students wanting to pursue higher education or government sector jobs after holding the UK degree.

Britain that has given India the current system of education and has educated most of Indian leading educationists is not given value in India itself. The UK programs are specifically structured highly advanced programs and aim on focusing on the main modules rather than pondering over general subjects. UK universities give students the chance to specialize in their chosen subject. That means there is a much broader course choice in the UK with a wide range of very specialist courses. In UK universities, you are encouraged to study independently and read widely outside of your lectures and tutorials. This gives you the opportunity to learn much more about the subject areas you are interested in. In addition, the last three months of a UK masters degree include compulsory research work where students are required to write a thesis on their chosen topic and hence they promote world class research opportunities. Apart from all this, you get global exposure, meet, learn and share ideas with people of diversified cultures and hence broaden your vision.

However, UK aggressively promotes its Masters programs in India. Most education agents too, don’t reveal such details to unassuming students either out of ignorance or on purpose.Unfortunately, most students are unaware of this fact.

Today, I find myself jobless, helpless and hopeless. The lenient attitude of Indian government hurts the academic careers and research interests of Indian students. While I despair over my future, prospects of other academically inclined and research-oriented students continue to move towards a question mark.

I plead to the Association of Indian Universities and the Ministry of Human Resource Development to recognize the one year UK Masters Degree in India so that students are given the acknowledgement they deserve and can contribute towards the growth of our country by implementing the specific skills, knowledge and global exposure they gained by studying in the UK, needed to underpin development processes.


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