One year British MBA must get equivalent status to two year Indian MBA in India.

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The future of many Indian students is at stake, as one year master program or one year MBA from United Kingdom universities are not equal to two year master degree in India.

My first question is why has RBI given authorities to Public sector banks to approve loan for higher studies abroad on the basis of which students are not eligible to apply for government jobs or further higher studies in India. Secondly, why British Universities are allowed to conduct education fair in India or even British Council organise education fair, but then these universities must specify that Brsitish Master courses are not equivalent to two year Indian master courses, so one must take a admission at their own risk. They must put a banner to highlight it clearly or stop playing with the lives of innocent students who shell out lot of money or borrow loan from the banks to pursue higher education to fulfill their dreams and the end result is that there is no sort of synergy or mutual cooperation or memorandum of understanding signed between the two countries.

Association of Indian Universities don't have any kind of MOU or mutual cooperation with Universities UK (UUK) an association based in UK.

Reserve Bank of India must not allow public sector banks to approve the loans for higher education for the courses which doesn't have acceptance in their own home country.