Public's voice- Tail Docking, Ear Cropping and Dew Claw removal

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Cropping Docking in Ontario

Yes, it's true a poll has been distributed to all Ontario Veterinarians on their opinions and concerns with allowing Veterinarians the right to practice Tail Docking Ear Cropping and Dew Claw removal.
Results from this stand-alone poll amongst Veterinarians will not only affect Practicing Veterinarians but pet owners, breeders, groomers and Holistic Practitioners.

APPD would like to remind the College of Veterinarians of their Mission and Vision statement in "Instilling public confidence in veterinary regulation".
We are also, offering to help with their key objectives in the 2020 Strategic Plan in advance public voice in regulatory policy. As well as ensure agility in public access to veterinary medicine.

How you ask?

By launching this petition to insure that the public is heard.

APPD thought Canada would be the first country to be serious about animal welfare, but instead though a grape vine we find that the Veterinary Legislation in Ontario is once again advancing towards a possible Ear Cropping, Tail Docking and or Dew Claw removal ban.

Considering that in November 2016 a Association for Preservation of Purebred Dogs representative accompanied by Executive Director: Lance Novack and CKC Chair: Bob Rowbotham, met with: Jan Robinson, Registrar & CEO to discuss a well-controlled scientific study designed to track the health statuses of d/c/dc dogs and undocked, uncropped, over an extended period of time, before any ban would be put in place. We felt that the study really needed to be performed in order to fully gauge the implications to animal health and welfare for d/c/dc purebred dogs. No guessing, no emotions, no opinions just the truth. After all our dogs deserve this.

To date, various jurisdictions and organizations have conducted partial studies that relate to different elements of d/c/dc (injury studies, breed decline reviews, etc.). However, no comprehensive research exists that examines the impact that outright bans on d/c/dc have on animal health and breed decline. ( This research project proposes the commencement of such a study. Information that would be yielded form such a study would lead to more informed decision-making, and would provide policy makers a sound basis upon which to structure the decisions. (
The study would also make Canada the first nation to undertake such a comprehensive review, showing us to be both serious about animal health and welfare and at the forefront of this issue. (Although the proposal focuses on Ontario policy, the recommendations put forward are intended to serve as a pilot program that can be exported to other provinces, with the ultimate hope of a common standard across the nation.)

As of February 2019 no further advancements have been made by CKC or the CVO regarding a joint scientific study on docking and cropping. Contact was made with Gae Sellstedt, Executive Assistant of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association but no meeting has been arranged.

Let’s make CKC, CVO live up to their end of the bargain. Before any further banning of Tail Docking, Ear Cropping or Dew Claw removal in Canada we should truly do the research our pet deserve this.

Is CKC just too busy to support us purebred breeders and owners of D/C/DC pets! What is CVO afraid of could it be that results!

By signing this Petition I agree that we need to do what’s right for our pets and put all emotions and opinions aside and let Canada be the number one country in animal welfare for my pets and any future pets born and raised in Canada.