AP: Retract "Picky Eating" article ridiculing children with mental health issues

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Over 1300 signatures: author calls the response "reactionary"

Our petition has been acknowledged by John Rosemond, who called the response to his ARFID column "some of the most reactionary I’ve received in 44 years of writing this column." He also calls the ARFID diagnosis: "fabrication." We have never sought to change Rosemond's mind about ARFID. We would like to show support for families who do know the challenge of ARFID and other eating disorders. We also want to hold the Associated Press and other publications that publish Rosemond's columns responsible for spreading irresponsible and harmful opinion pieces.  Rosemond is not an expert on ARFID. He does not believe in psychology or psychiatry and should not be advertised as an expert in those fields.  Tomorrow, April 6, we will be approaching the Associated Press and the editors of the papers that publish Rosemond's column. Let's make sure the signatures reach 1500 before we do that?

Laura Collins Lyster-Mensh
2 years ago