Denunciar a Jimenez Losantos por incitar violencia y odio contra Cataluña y los Catalanes

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In this very moment, an Spanish patriot of neo-fascist leanings, the journalist Jímenez Losantos, has dared to incite, advise, and promote terror attacks to explote in the pubs or bear gardens of Bavaria, Germany, as revenge for its juridical system response to the euro-order of extradition of our deposed President Carles Puigdemont.

24 hours after, there has been a car attack in Munster. Many fascist from Spain are relating this as punishment for the betrayal of Germany to Spain, and celebrating the case.

Its very urgent that the whole world open its eyes and see the ideology at the back of all this ongoing accusations and ill will, against our Catalan politicians and peoples, including the defamatory discourse from the PP's ministers, and their menaces, dismissal, and  their very apparent repugnant ways of talking about our politician as "if delinquents".

Their  supremacist attitude  towards Catalunya its totally toxic and it proves that our 78 Constitution is become obsolete, specially since it was modified by the PP in 2006.

One has to only listen to people like Soraya Saenz de Santamaría, the secretary of the Estate, to realise it.

We are now facing the total restoration and normalisation of a fascistic leaning ideology that consolidates around a common enemy: The Catalans.  Spain should not end up "meaning" what it means now.

We need help. We need light over this terrible darkness, we need to start now and mobilise by legal means to stop this.

I ask for the international exposure and the legal punishment of the journalist Jímenez Losantos for the fascist he is and for encouraging attacks and terror against civilians, German peoples, and Catalan.

I am also asking for the monitoring and review of our political fabric, that perversely calls Catalan: Nazi's when clearly the ones who still placing flowers in the tomb of the war criminal Francisco Franco are them.