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We the Undersigned believe:
1. That the Requete for Assisted Dying brought before the States of Guernsey is in principle far too open-ended, dangerously so, and that the meaning of assisted dying is not properly defined.

2. That there is no Mandate for this proposal, as it does not appear to have featured in any Deputy’s manifesto at the last election.

3. That there is no guarantee in this Requete that the weak, disabled, mentally sick, depressed and vulnerable in our Community will be protected.

4. That any legislation for Assisted Suicide has the potential to be expansive and will lead to further abuse of the Law in respect of the taboo against killing.

5. That the ‘Right to Die’ could in future become the Duty to Die, and may be used inappropriately to solve economic and healthcare problems, or for purposes of eugenics.

6. That no ‘safeguards’ are possible with respect to Assisted Suicide, as is plainly seen by abuses in all other countries that have passed such legislation.

7. That trust in the doctor patient relationship will be severely eroded, and may lead to mercenary activities.

8. That it is selfish and wrong to ask another human being to execute a fellow human being, in particular, to ask a doctor who has sworn a solemn oath not to do so.

9. That palliative care, with the options to cease all medical intervention, and, in extremis, to have prolonged sedation, makes euthanasia and assisted suicide redundant.

10. That Public money will be much better spent on improving healthcare in general, and palliative care in particular, as well as in educating people about the natural process of death and in how to support the dying and their relatives.

11. That these proposals undermine the real dignity of the person by basing worth on transient physical and superficial abilities, and confusing the right of the individual to choose suicide against the fundamental human rights of other members of society. Currently, for example, society attempts to dissuade people from suicide. If the Requete proposals are passed, this moral and wholly human stance may be overturned.

12. That these proposals and the publicity by the proponents of the Requete evade the fact that 1 in 5 of assisted deaths are neither swift nor easy, nor devoid of considerable potential suffering for both patient and onlookers. The medical literature makes this indisputably clear. Some assisted deaths can take up to a week.

        Please also write to all Island Deputies & oppose this Requete.

                            The deadline is 16th of May 2018.
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