Repeal the Single Hauler Plan in New Paltz NY

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MaryAnn Tozzi
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Effective June 1, 2018, the Village and Town of New Paltz will not offer dumping permits to any trash hauler other than County Waste. If you do not want to enter into a contract with this company and pay them directly to take your garbage, your only other option is to sign up for a commercial account, as they are exempt - or bring it to the dump yourself. 

We ask that this law be reversed, and that tax paying residents can choose to spend their money on whichever local or national company they choose - Waste Management, Russo, American Carting, Royal Carting, LaMela's Sanitation, or one of any other companies trying to operate a business. 

This opens the door for a variety of any other services the Town or Village deem "for the greater good". This has set a precedence for dictating who can deliver our oil, or plow our personal driveways. They say they have no interest in that, but they had no interest in the garbage until they did.  Additionally, the Town and Villages chose to discontinue services with FedEx because they did not agree with their business practices - they have now removed that choice for us, if for whatever reason we don't want to enter into a contract with County Waste. 

Many people have been told they are a minority in being dissatisfied with this decision. Please sign this petition asking to repeal this law and show, we are not a minority, but a strong and diverse community base who completely disagree with this government overreach. 

Please be a New Paltz resident (or Gardiner, Highland, Rifton, Esopus or any other local municipality resident who is directly effected). If you VOTE in New Paltz, this pertains to you.