Pres Ramaposa . Babies and kids getting killed by gangsters stray bullets daily.

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Imagine being to afraid of walking to and from school .because gangsters is shooting day and night on the Cape flats . Imagine your three years old son get shot dead by stray bullets. Imagine sitting at the beach just before New year and your six months old baby get shot and killed in your arms. Well this is our daily reality. It's been going on for years 2010. Our Premier has asked for help from President of South Africa. But they refuse help.  Although SADF was mobilised for protesters in Gauteng.  Mothers are mourning the loss of their little angel's lives daily . They go to work and wonder if their children will get safe to and from school. When you open a news paper and read about these senseless killings ones heart breaks and also angers one because where is these children's freedom. The gangs is holding communities hostage in their own community .And i wonder why is no one helping?  Surely we are a democratic country . Our police is short staffed even they get shot by the gangsters.  We need our President to step in.  To make it better. So these communities can also have true freedom without living in fear.  #CapeTownChildrenLivesMatter