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Are school KPI's really as useful as they should be?

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The KPI System

The KPI system at the British International School of Chicago is completely irrelevant and creates a false sense of judgment to the students and parents of the BISC community. This system could be improved in a wide variety of different ways, making the grading system more clear and understandable, in terms of knowing the level of learning in which you are at. An improvement in this could completely reshape the way we could understand our learning.

I hope you sign this petition to help make the grading system in school extremely easy and better to understand.

-Michael Murray, Year 8

Reasons Why KPIs Should be Change

1. Very Vague and Not Applicable

The KPI system is extremely vague in terms of the way you could improve in the specific section. The KPI only shows what task you must complete, and keys to success. This is quite useful, however, the KPI does not state what goal you must acheive, or how to improve in order to reach the next level. The  levels itself are also extremely vague, as they do not state what it means by "Beginning, Developing, Meeting or Exceeding" and how to reach the next level. Because of this, the levels of KPIs do not mean anything and are irrelevant. Furthermore, many of the KPIs for specific subjects are not used, as they are not applicable to the subject.

2. KPIs Do Not Show Improvement

The KPI system does not show how you improve throughout the year, making them only useful at the complete end of the year. This is because the KPIs are only based on upon what you have learned in a specific term, not how well you have done in the areas you have learned. The fact that you have not learned most of the curriculum in the year, means that your grade for that term would be very low, not because you have done poor in school, but because you have not learned the criteria. Because of this, KPIs tend to be more like a timeline, rather than a system showing your academic improvement.

3. KPIs Have No Meaning at the Start of the Year

The KPI progress of a student does not carry on into the next year, meaning that it seems as if no progress has been made. This is very important, as it seems as if you have no knowledge of the curriculum. It also does not state where you are, in terms of levels, meaning that a student has no base of knowledge, and nowhere to start. A student cannot possible start learning, if they do not know where they are at. Also, this makes the KPIs completely irrelevant, as the previous year's grades have no meaning at the start of the new year.

4. They Have no Meaning in Other Areas

The KPI grades do not convert into regular grades used by all of the other schools in the United States. This means that they would have no use if a student were to leave for a different High School, or a University. This means that they would again have no basis on which to continue. Moreover, this system makes it very hard for people outside of the school community to understand the grades, or be able to compare with other schools.


The Level System

A system that shows exactly where a student is at, and very precise goals they must complete in order to reach the next level. This also translates to the American Grading System, making it very useful in other locations, and very easy to understand. This is a very well managed system, that carries on into the next year, making it very easy to see improvements needed, and specific goals for that year. It is a very accurate way to see progress throughout the year, and is specified on how well you are doing on what you have learned.


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