Assistance dogs have the same rights as police dogs when injured

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Mr Scott Morrison

(Prime minister of Australia)

We the undersigned, ask that assistance dogs have the same protection as police dogs when attacked on the job. Rather than the offender get a slap on the wrist and charged with animal cruelty they should be done for assault the way a human would on another human. Let’s get the state laws changed to one federal law!!!! Every state law is different.

One example of a dog being “attacked “ on the job was mine when a lady grabbed her around the throat totally of her head on alcohol, so inebriated she could barely stand.

Another is the gentleman that was on the train with his dog and was spat on and the dog kicked. 
We as handlers get this all the time. Please help us to look after our dogs.

Why are our dogs exempt from the same law as police dogs when injured on duty?? Why do our dogs not get the same protection? Our dogs are working to, protecting their disabled, or vision impaired whatever the handler has condition. 
These dogs are as important to us as a police officers dog is to him, he is his partner, our dogs are our partners too!!! 
I have a screenshot of the article