By investing in California's infants and toddlers at risk of a developmental disability, or showing a developmental delay, their lives can be changed, and their need for a lifetime of state-funded services can be reduced... or even eliminated!

The 2009 budget cuts saved the state money by denying these children early interventions. But those unaddressed needs only grow, and un-served infants and toddlers grow up to be children eligible for life-long services. A few years of savings lead to a lifetime of costs.

Renew Early Start, and reinvest in California's most vulnerable children, by restoring funding!

Letter to
State Senator Ellen Corbett
State Senator Mimi Walters
State Representative Allan Mansoor
and 6 others
State Representative Shannon Grove
State Representative Wesley Chesbro
State Representative Roger Dickinson
State Senator Bill Monning
Chair, Assembly Budget Subcommittee #1 Assemblymember Shirley Weber
Lark Park
Please ensure that Early Start's funding is fully restored in this year's Budget! This key program was cut in 2009, and now thousands of infants and toddlers are slipping through the cracks - denied access to services that can mitigate or even prevent the need for a lifetime of state-funded services.

When considering the Governor's Budget, please renew our state's commitment to Early Start!

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