Decision Maker Response’s response

Aug 16, 2014 — Thank you for contacting me about the potential renaming of the Waldo Tunnel after Robin Williams.

I am very interested in this issue and will be exploring it further. Something like this should be done in consultation with Mr. Williams’ family. We all want make sure this is the most proper way to honor him.

Unfortunately suicide affects many Californian’s, a majority (51%) report having a personal experience with suicide. In the most recent year for which we have data nearly 4,000 Californian’s committed suicide and 46,000 attempted suicide. Tragically these numbers have been rising over the last 20 years.

That is why I introduced Legislation earlier this year that would help address the lack of suicide prevention training for psychologist, therapist, and counselors. That bill, AB 2198, would require suicide prevention training for these mental health professionals and will help prevent further tragedies from happening.

You can help make this bill become law by contacting Governor Jerry Brown to urge him to sign AB 2198 into law here:

I share your sentiments about the tragic loss of Robin Williams.
Yesterday I adjourned the Assembly in memory of Mr. Williams.

You can view my comments here:


Marc Levine