Petition Closed

We have been denied due process in our efforts to legalize a domestic pet, currently legal in 48 other states.

Letter to
Member, California Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez
Support ferret legalization in California
Because you are a member of the Assembly Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife I would like to ask for your support in helping to legalize the domestic ferret in California. Domestic ferrets, being domestic animals should not be in the jurisdiction of the California Fish and Game Commission – they should be regulated by the Department of Agriculture as are dogs and cats in California.

California ferret enthusiasts have not been given any kind of hearing or consideration from the California Fish and Game Commissioners – and are currently examining a due process lawsuit against the Commission and the Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Your office was presented with a copy of the economic report we commissioned from Sacramento State University with a request to introduce our ferret legalization bill. We were unable to secure a sponsor for 2013.

We are asking you now for a statement of support. Yes – ferrets need to be legal in California. And a consideration to carry the bill in 2014.