Municipality of Anchorage Vote By Mail- Cease the Program ASAP

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Hello fellow Anchorageites,

This is an issue that is not split along party lines, but rather a unified opposition to a sloppily implemented system brought upon us by the municipality.

The mail in system does nothing to offset the administrative costs or increase turnout ratios of the election, while presenting some glaring problems which ultimately undermine our elections process.

The Following is a petition to the assembly to disband and never reimplement the "vote by mail" elections process the Muni implemented in 2018.

The new vote by mail system is not an acceptable alternative for deciding democratic matters of our Municipality.

Examples of the flawed system:

-Not all registered Voters are not receiving their ballots by mail

-There have already been proven incidences of the mail system being taken advantage of via theft:

-The system has failed to achieve its goals in ensuring eligible voters only receive a ballot, and is mailing incorrect ballots:

-Municipal Elections officials are very well compensated and the system will not create any cost efficiencies and will, if anything create more administrative burden associated with ensuring fair and accurate elections.

-The signature page is a glaring violation of the principle of a private ballot.

-Turnout will not be increased significantly enough to warrant the inefficiencies of this program.

As voters the undersigned demand the Municipality immediately scrap the vote by mail system and return to the private ballot  process.