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Call on SCOBA Orthodox To Denounce the Militant Left, Antifa, and BLM Communists.

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The only people mentioned in SCOBA's statement on Charlottesville were "Nazis"...I didn't see any Nazis there, except one lone NS flag, out of 1000-1500 people.

The people SCOBA condemned at Charlottesville were there to defend a statue of General Lee, and had a permit to do so. The Left had no permit, whatsoever, and came to commit MURDER! They are condemning their own Faithful, who stood for historical preservation (there were dozens of Orthodox Christians present), while never mentioning the militant atheists who attempted to murder us.

We Faithful Orthodox Christians demand that SCOBA condemn the militant communists who were using: rocks, piss, feces, used condoms, used tampons, gas, bats, knives, bear mace, acid, and fire to attack people simply defending a statue.

We have millions of martyrs who were brutally murdered by the very Communists that these militant Leftists (Antifa, BLM, and Communist Party members) are infatuated with. Antifa's slogan is "Destroy Patriarchy". They openly call for violent revolution to bring about "social justice", which is nothing short than code for the destruction of Christendom. 

SCOBA must denounce the very Left-wing TERRORISM that continues to seek the martyrdom our Faithful. 

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