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Equal the Playing Field for Regional Center Services – Support AB 1610!

Dear California State Legislators:

We stand with Special Needs Network and Public Counsel and support AB 1610, which will provide developmental services more equitably and in culturally and linguistically competent manner. AB 1610 will fix broken promises made by the State that budget cuts made to highly valued services described at the time as only being “temporary” will finally be restored after eight long years.  AB 1610 also promotes equal access to regional center services while supporting client self-advocacy. Specifically, AB 1610 will require:

  • The restoration of suspended services (social recreation, camping, educational services, non-medical therapies) and the lifting of restrictions on the amount of respite services available.
  • The restoration of respite services for the Early Start program
  • A new budget and allocation formula that will be used to purchase services which will be based on the needs of the consumer
  • Regional centers to communicate with consumers and families in a culturally and linguistically competent manner, including the use of alternative communication services
  • Regional centers to provide a list of services purchased by the regional center at the start of the program planning meeting.
  • Regional centers to provide information about the appeal and complaint process during the program planning meeting.
  • Regional centers to provide information about exemptions and other complex processes for accessing services during the program planning meeting.
  • Regional centers to provide information a written list of the services and supports agreed upon in an IPP meeting, at the end of the IPP meeting.
  • Regional centers to pay for medical or dental services agreed upon by the IPP team while services are pursued from other agencies so consumers do not suffer gaps in needed services
  • Regional centers to help facilitate parent participation through the provision of additional supports and accommodations so that consumers can access behavioral intervention services
  • The prohibition of regional centers to deny, reduce or delay behavioral intervention services due to the lack of parent participation 

We, the undersigned, proudly support AB 1610 to improve services access and equality provided by regional centers to all of California’s children.

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