BAN fracking in Portugal. Revoke licenses granted to Australis Oil & Gas.

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ASMAA, a Portuguese registered NGO with NIPC 510381952, calls on local and international communities that are against Fossil Fuels exploration for oil & gas using unconventional technologies such as FRACKING to HELP US send a very strong message to the Portuguese government.


Australis Oil & Gas was granted permission to explore for shale gas on 30 September 2015, just 4 days before a national election. Two concession contracts where signed (Batalha & Pombal), covering an area of +- 2.500Km2, over 14 municipal councils.

No public consultation took place. As it is the norm in Portugal, this decision was taken behind closed doors in a heavy veil of secrecy by representatives of previous government. In spite of current government opportunity to revoke the licenses if they had the political will to do it, they failed to do so.

Instead, they allowed Australis to proceed.

A public consultation process was launched on 27 March 2018 which closes on 11 May 2018., calling for comments on whether an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) should be a requirement or not before full authorization is granted by the government for Australis to drill their first well in the Aljubarrota region of Batalha. 

The documents provided for above public consultation, by Australis consultant's (ERM) on behalf of Australis, starts with a disconcerting disclaimer: "Any third party trusts and uses the information contained in this report at their own risk"

Australis public consultation EIS document states that the planned drilling is for one conventional well ONLY, but in a statuary disclosure to shareholders done on 30 April 2018, it states that horizontal drilling of 2,8Km for that well has been made provision for and duly budgeted. A clear indication that Fracking will be the technology used.

The planned first well will be drilled at close proximity to residential areas (500 metres), which means that fracking will affect many properties due to the 2,8Km horizontal drilling radius.

Should Australis be allowed to drill their first well, this will be the first of thousands of wells that they are planning on drilling in the future in the two concession areas (Batalha & Pombal). Bringing with it massive risks to the affected regions. (You can read more about the risks on our website.)

Council Areas Affected by the two contracts (Batalha & Pombal)

Coimbra, Montemor-o-Velho, Souré, Leiria, Pombal, Batalha, Porto de Mós, Alcobaça, Nazaré, Ourém, Marinha Grande, Caldas da Rainha, Santarém and Rio Maior.

Some of the Impacts

The areas that Australis was granted to frack, include heavily populated areas, integrate many cultural and historical areas of interest, as well as having many nature-protected regions.

Fracking will destroy these areas; it will destroy its water sources, have a negative impact on the health of the local population, and be disastrous for local economies. The negative impacts will last for decades, it will last for many life times.


We call on local and central government to do the right thing, and to revoke licenses already granted to Australis Oil & Gas.

We demand that the so called public consultation to decide if an EIA is or not a requirement should be cancelled immediately, and be replaced by proper disclosure sessions ran by government educating the local population about the facts and the risks of fracking, before any decision is taken by government on this issue.

We further demand a moratorium on all concession areas identified for future oil and gas exploration – meaning that there will not be any new licenses for the exploration of fossil fuels in the Portuguese territory issued, not now nor in the future.


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Interactive map of concession areas is now open on our website. You can now verify if your property falls IN ANY OF THE AREAS UNDER concession to Australis Oil & Gas and see if FRACKING risks will impact on you.