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Prevent the legal erosion of women's rights in Quebec

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During the week of October 19th, the National Assembly of Quebec/Assemblee Nationale, passed into law a bill that restricts women who are wearing a niqab, a type of veil, from accessing publicly funded services such as hospitals, public transit and libraries in that province.

This bill ONLY applies to women. Men may wear beards, hats and sunglasses in these same venues.

The bill claims to be about religious neutrality, but make no mistake, it ONLY affects/restricts women.  It is, therefore, a direct and concerted attack on women's rights.  This bill will not foster religious neutrality in any way - it will serve to increase violence against (Muslim) women, women who already face daily discrimination and abuse in our society, and will only be used to restrict the movements of women in a supposedly free society. As a woman, albeit a non-religious one, I care deeply about this because I do not want a bunch of politicians, predominantly *male* politicians, telling me/us what I/we can or cannot wear.

We must let the government of Quebec know that this bill is unacceptable. That it is not acceptable to tell a woman what she can or cannot wear in public. That in doing so, Quebec fosters the same type of moral restrictions that exist in Saudi Arabia (which many people claim is what they want to see the women freed from).

This petition is ONLY about a woman's right to choose her clothing. It is not a petition about religious freedom. I plan to deliver this petition to the Assemblee Nationale/The National Assembly of Quebec, along with the federal government, and the media outlets that can cover and discuss this issue widely. We need to keep talking about the rights of women, particularly in the wake of the "me too" campaign which documented violence against women. Bill 62 in Quebec will create further violence against women, and must not be allowed to stand.

Please sign and share. Thank you for your support of women's rights.


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