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Assemble a Lyme Panel in Florida and Challenge Current Legislation!


There are thousands of people in the state of Florida with Lyme disease, a painful, progressing condition which often leads to a devastating physical illness with neurological and cognitive impairment.   Untreated, it can lead to disability, resulting in a loss of employment, and eventually, financial ruin. Patients are often misdiagnosed, faced with doctors who refuse to admit the disease exists in Florida and will not so much as consider it as a possible cause of symptoms.  If they do, they misinterpret the already poor and unreliable medical screening that is currently available that are based on tests known to miss 75% of patients who are infected. What's worse, there are few, if any, physicians in the state of Florida who know how to treat Lyme patients who have been sick for more than a few weeks. Lyme patients are often forced to travel out of state, and pay out of pocket for coverage, because insurance companies use a cost-effective, outdated protocol (which is currently being challenged and changed in various States) that recommends treatment should not continue past 28 days. The financial burden to patients, and  the state is enormous. People have suffered long enough. This is a growing epidemic that is devastating thousands. It's time for a change. HB 1013 CD (SB 2022) was "killed" by "the healthcare industry" (insurance companies) and needs to be revitalized. Let's get Florida on board, and out of the dark ages!  Please sign this petition to help us bring awareness to State officials and legislators..

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