Assassination with Illegal Firearm not Important Enough to Be in a Federal Court

Assassination with Illegal Firearm not Important Enough to Be in a Federal Court

February 4, 2022
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California State Attorney General Rob Bonta
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Why this petition matters

My son Robert Gash was assassinated, outside of Mayes Oyster Bar and Grill in San Francisco, off Polk and Fern on May 8th, 2020 around 1:40 a.m. He was shot in the back of the head three times, with an unregistered gun.

My son's murder was barely covered in the news. Gang related homicides, are not news worthy, or considered serious. Three weeks prior to his murder, his coworker was murdered too. 

Why is a federal homicide case in the State Criminal Courts Division of San Francisco? Why didn't his murder get investigated in collaboration with the San Bruno Police Department?

Why was the assassination, barely covered on the news? Why is the assassination being convicted at the State level in San Francisco City?

The answer to the above question is rather obvious, the government, and some of its people sometimes do not facilitate human rights for people of color, and commit war crimes against us, such as mass detentions, mass incarcerations, and genetic cleansing, AKA gentrification, just to name a few. Our children are killed regularly, and the investigations are relegated to a lesser Court, thus not deemed important enough to get properly investigated.

The solution is easy, seceding from the union to form our own region, in honor of all the men that have died for us, so that we can live without racism. To honor all the people that have died at the hands of our government, to all the revolutionaries that fought for our right to be recognized as equals, and as human beings, we demand to be granted secession from the Union. They can kill a black man with 55 bullets in 3.5 seconds, but they can't enforce our rights, such as the right to an education, the right to live free of harm, the right to a job, the right to own property, the right to be free from slavery, the right to live without daily torture and torment, the right to walk around freely, and the right to live without all the negative ramifications of white supremacy. We are justified in seeking to not be part of this Union because they don't want us here, they mistreat us, and commit war crimes against us,. We demand the right to form an African and Mesoamerican, Empire named AZTLAN. This is a state of emergency, genetic cleansing, or the removal of a particular ethnic group from land with the help of the government to make the land area populated with people of the same race, is happening all over the nation. It is perfectly reasonable, to request a region for us to live in. Moreover, closure of our schools, daily killings, and all the red tape they want us to go through just to do what's right, it's just too, much. Not one more ethnic person needs to die at the hand of this government. Not one more child need to be killed or denied the right to an elementary education. We are valuable, we deserve to live without the fear of being detained by the police, or killed by them. The amount of energy it takes to make them do the right thing is unreasonable and unjustified. Black lives matter, indigenous peoples lives matter, women's lives matter, and poor people's lives matter too. 

In the meantime, we will give this petition to a federal or state attorney, and ask him or her to please reassign the case to a federal level. In fact, we need to start a petition, so that all these cases involving gangs, illegal firearms and violent crimes get assigned to a federal court.

We as black and brown people are not considered that important or valuable, it's been hundreds of years, and much the senseless murders or assassinations, of black or brown men, continues. If you are tired of going nowhere, with our human rights in this Union, think about whether you have anything to lose, if you secede from the Union, to form our own region. We demand an end to the war crimes. The act of ethnic cleansing to remove us from the land, or to kill our men daily, is not going to be necessary if we secede. We can legally and justifiably demand that we be given a region where we can live without racism, threat of violence, and white supremacy.

 Moreover no justice is served when we are victims of crimes. Rebecca Molano assaulted me, stole my cell phone, and FALSELY told the South San Francisco police, that I had a gun thus putting my life in danger. Her boyfriend helped her commit the crime. They erased all the evidence, I had about my son's murder from my cell phone, and they have not been held accountable. They justify killing a black man in 3.5 seconds by shooting 55 bullets at him, and they justify never convicting or acknowledging the crimes committed against me. This is a form of apartheid, it's Injustice, and it takes too long to get them to change. That's why seceding would be better.

The police could have chosen to press charges against her that day, but they did not, and they still have not. They have a video of the entire incident, but have not taken action. They can find a justification for killing a black man with 55 bullets in 3.5 seconds, and they can justify convicting an assassin in a lesser Court, these are all different forms of injustice and genocide, the intentional destruction of a people.

Clear Homes, LLC is being managed by Michael Campesino. He is legally obligated to provide electricity, water and heat to tenants. For nearly 3 months, I had partial power in my apartment, my heater has not worked properly for over 2 years, and currently, I do not have heat, a stove, or a water heater. The San Francisco Mission Police Station refused to write up a report of the incident, much less investigate it. In turn, the district attorney does not press charges against Clear Homes, LLC. As a result, I currently do not have a functioning central heater, stove or hot water. About a week and a half later I still don't have those basic services, and my local government is aware of these issues, and so are other levels of government. They have all denied me protection that is afforded to me by law, and enable the dehumanizing treatment, that culminated with me being gassed in my own home, like a prisoner on death row. Most likely, they won't recognize the poisoning, or the hate crime that I have suffered, they justify the mistreatment and abuse of people like me, by blaming me for their actions.

Worse, of all my son died, alone in the street, and the most important person in my life is gone. Some people have been so cruel to me after my son died. The same people that were around him when he was alive, it is such a tragedy. My son and I live in a world where we are not considered human enough to be treated with the least bit of human dignity. It was my own family, and people that my son met through my own family that have been just horrible.

The only conclusion that I can draw from my experiences is that I am not worthy of being protected. The individuals that commit human rights violations, and crimes against people like me, are not held accountable, and are portrayed in the media as being good citizens. Whereas people like me are portrayed as criminals. This is unfair, then, when I write that I am a modern day slave, people think I'm exaggerating. My building could have caught fire, so I went to my neighbors to seek support, they were apathetic. People in a white supremacist society do not have empathy for people who are experiencing the types of inhumane treatment and cruel crimes that are being committed against me. If you don't think being gassed with natural gas in your own home is cruel, then I disagree.

Now my son died, and it has awaken me to what's going on. The saddest part is that my son is dead. 

There is no justice for people like me, they have destroyed and defrauded our banks in the past, they deny our children an education, and deny us the right to have a job, and own property, while they seldom hold the people themselves or corporations accountable for their hideous acts, against us, much less compensate us for the wrongdoing, and damage they've caused us. This is a perpetual cycle of white supremacy, and brutality.

Constitutional protections do not apply to me or people like my son. Hence, all aspects of our lives are destroyed, we live in hostile, impoverished environments, we are more likely to be victims of a violent crime, and die on the street like animals, and much more. It is perfectly reasonable to ask the state attorney general to assign violent homicides with unregistered guns to be investigated and convicted at the federal level. Moreover it is justified to ask to seceed from this Union, so we can form ATZLAN.






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